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New Buildings
Light Industrial
  • We Handle Everything For You

  • Concept To Completion

  • Expedited Quoting

  • Simplified Fast Track Designs

  • Preliminary Design

  • Budget Analysis

  • Project Funding Assistance

  • Tax Strategy Collaboration With Your Tax Advisor

  • Final Design & Engineering

  • Manufacturing & Panelization

  • Installation & Turnkey Delivery

Simplicity+Innovation=Less Stress

Steel Stud Buildings
Steel Pole Buildings
Steel Pods
Steel Framed Housing
  • Fast Track Project Possibilities

  • Temporary or Permanent Design

  • Modular Framing Systems

  • All Steel Pole Buildings

  • Assembled Or Flat Packed

  • Save Time In The Field

  • Can Be Shipped Anywhere

  • Possible Tax Advantages

Project Uses



Residential Single/Multi-Plex

Multi-Unit Buildings/Complexes


Medical Offices/Clinics



Tenant Build Out Shells


Various Modular Applications


Vehicle/Equipment Service

Manufacturing Panelization
Roof Trusses
Floor Trusses
Panelized Walls
Panelized Roofs
  • ​Panelized Components

  • Precise Manufacturing

  • Shorter Lead Times

  • Reduce Errors

  • Design Led Process

  • Less Than 1% Waste

  • 100% Of Our Waste Is Recycled

  • Save Time & Money In The Field

  • Private Labeling To Bring Value To Your Brand

  • Exterior/Interior Stud Walls, Load Bearing Headers, Floor Systems, Roof Trusses, Curtin Walls, Facads, Custom Components

  • Panelized Components &  Installation

  • Simple Quoting Process To Save You Time


What To Expect

New Commercial Building

  1. Call,Email or Schedule a phone consultation to discuss general ideas, goals for the project, budget & timeframe.

  2. We will do some preliminary research on the property & use specific items.

  3. Local zoning & building codes will be reviewed for potential conflicts.

  4. A meeting time will be setup for 2-4 hours to discuss the project in more detail & to review the building site.

  5. Project specifications & suggestions are obtained from client & clients employees.

  6. A general & very basic estimate will be created.

  7. Preliminary designs are ordered by client, completed & reviewed.

  8. Firm estimate will be created.

  9. Photo/laser-scan the entire building site.

  10. Project is ordered by client.

  11. Final designs & engineering will be completed.

  12. Digital 3D virtual walkthrough of final designs to be done & signed off on by client.

  13. All exact materials & colors will be chosen.

  14. Permits will be pulled.

  15. Manufacturing of all building components.

  16. Excavation of building site & installation of utilities.

  17. Foundations, parking lots, driveways & sidewalks will be installed.

  18. Staging of materials on job site.

  19. Installation of exterior shell & entire frame of building.

  20. Installation of electrical, plumbing, HVAC & interior finishes.

  21. Final inspections.

  22. Final walkthrough with client.

  23. Move in is scheduled.

  24. Final payment.


​Simplicity+Innovation = Less Stress

Modular Steel Frames

​The process varies greatly depending upon needs, location, budget & timeline of our clients.  Please contact us to discuss your project in further detail.

​Simplicity+Innovation = Less Stress
Steel Building Component
Ordering & Delivery

  1. Plans, specifications or components from our catalogs are chosen.

  2. Engineering of components.

  3. We will provide an exact description & cost for for the components.

  4. Order is placed & deposit is made by client.

  5. Delivery schedule will be established.

  6. Components will  be manufactured to precise specifications.

  7. Delivery of components.

  8. Final payment


​Simplicity+Innovation = Less Stress


MKS Building Systems Has One Goal:

Providing our clients with top quality buildings & components while removing complexities & stresses usually experienced during typical building design & installation processes!

MKS Building Systems Offers:

Fully engineered light gauge steel framed building systems, all steel pole buildings, component manufacturing & turnkey installation.  Proudly servicing Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana.

MKS Building Systems History

MKS was created to fill a gap in the market by  offering a more efficient & less stressful commercial building experience.  In 2016 MKS merged with PDQ Buildings.  This merger gives MKS a competitive advantage with more than three decades of innovation which has allowed MKS to streamline the simplicity of our client experience even farther.  Today MKS is a leader in commercial construction with efficient designs, simplified processes & innovative manufacturing capabilities.

Our Processes Make Our Client's Lives Less Stressful


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Simplicity+Innovation=Less Stress

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